Monday, 28 December 2015

Whatsapp download free for android and samsung (apk application)

Whatsapp Download free  

The combination of modern smartphones with Internet access and mobile apps offers many ways to save money . It is possible to make free calls with Skype for example , but also lets you send free text messages with different apps.Of these SMS apps WhatsApp is currently the most popular in Netherlands . After installation, you can send free text messages and received.  download whatsapp free

A popular newcomer in this category SOMA Messenger, it puts more emphasis on privacy and is completely free with no annual subscription fee.

UPDATE: Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook in February 2014 , including in the Netherlands, many people switched to alternative chat apps as users are concerned about their privacy. One of the most in popularity increased free chat apps Telegram . This app differs in that it explicitly focuses on protecting your privacy.

WhatsApp is a wildly popular SMS app . The app is available for almost all mobile phones .

In the Netherlands this app in a short time become so popular that mobile operators have substantially less revenue from SMS traffic. With WhatsApp can send ie messages in real -time without having to be paid for these text messages. Well of course you must have a mobile internet connection or wifi.

Unfortunately, the developers do not offer to download for your computer. However, since 2014 it possible for Android users to chat via the computer by connecting the mobile app on the computer browser. This service is offered by WhatsApp zelf.Deze function was not initially available for iPhone owners.

Since August 2015 this option is also offered for the iPhone. In order to make use of you need to scan the QR code on the WhatsApp website with your smartphone. The messages can be sent via the browser and receive not stored in the cloud but on your smartphone itself. The web application syncs with the smartphone app.

WhatsApp is free the first year for both Android and iOS users, then you must pay each year, one euro to continue using the service. iPhone owners used to have to pay directly to install the app. When you have paid one-time 89 cent in the past for the app, the service will continue to work for free. You can send and receive unlimited messages after payment. It makes so no matter whether you are sending a message to friends in the Netherlands or abroad.

The functionality of WhatsApp goes beyond that of traditional SMS. You can send not only text, but also pictures, sounds and geographic locations. It's very easy to do group chats, you can add an unlimited number of friends to a group chat.

The app looks in the contact list that is already stored on your mobile phone. Based on the mobile phone determines which of your friends also use WhatsApp, and these are automatically added to the contact list in WhatsApp. So you see directly to any friends you can send messages with WhatsApp instead of SMS.

Since 2013 WhatsApp has given a new push-to-talk function. Allows you to chat with your contacts after pressing the talk button. After you release the button again the voice message is sent to the recipient. This works approximately the same as with the old-fashioned walkie-talkie.

WhatsApp has the following characteristics:

    send and receive free text messages with your smartphone,
    unlimited add people to the group chat,
    sounds and send pictures,
    Current Location Information Sending determined by GPS,
    Add profile photo which can see only your contacts,
    see which friends use WhatsApp using their mobile number,
    for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Connect Your Enterprise withSource!

org is a robust, scalable, portable, and completelysource solution for enterprise is the focal point for the development effort that makes the integration of applications and data in the enterprise, and beyond, a reality.
Integrating information from disparate systems, platforms and formats is a hot topic in today's marketplace. Many businesses and organizations are discovering that e-business integration is key to increasing efficiency, cutting operational costs, and streamlining business processes. Until now, enterprise integration solutions have been extremely costly to acquire, integrate, and maintain. The key to solving the barriers to entry into an e-business integration system is offered by the.orgsource community.

source software is rapidly becoming mainstream in the enterprise. Software like the Linux operating systems have challenged industry giants and succeeded in fulfilling the need for robust, secure andsoftware. Furthermore,source initiatives have made very significant inroads into the cost of entry for reliable computing, in the enterprise and beyond. The evolution of movements such as Linux and Apache continue to demonstrate the viability and supremacy of thesource approach to software development.source, no doubt, works. It is a natural, flexible, and evolutionary process that combines and recombines the best of existing and emerging technologies and ideas from the best software developers.

Getting Started

Ready to integrate? Check out Software to learn about and download our products. Documentation provides a complete list of reference materials including installation information, how-to manuals, and whitepapers. Get Involved and be a part of thesource revolution for e-business integration!